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Then why not come along to these Meditation & Relaxation 4 week Workshops

These classes will give you the opportunity to learn simple and effective meditation skills that will easily fit into your lifestyle. 

You will also learn techniques to slow down your breathing, relax your muscles, reduce stress and calm the mind. 

Are you looking to improve concentration, build confidence and have more energy? Do you suffer from anxiety, depression or panic attacks? Have trouble sleeping? Experience chronic or acute pain, headaches or health issues? Then why not come along to these classes, 

to work on your inner health and happiness and have some fun along the way. 

You will learn techniques to help you unwind, find peace, happiness and fulfillment in your life. It is so much more than meditation! 

Perhaps you are just curious about meditation, maybe you have tried in the past but had no success or perhaps you want to get back into it...why not come along to the Workshops...what you learn will bring about positive changes in your life. 


Places are limited, so please contact Tracey Tucker on 0413 211 453 for further information or to book your place. 

A space to nurture your Body, Mind and Soul to explore new ways of thinking and being and to recharge your life!



Set in the tranquil space of The Michael Centre, Warranwood


Living in awareness and being mindful WILL transform your life in ways you could never imagine!  Tuning into your heart and soul and living authentically and with purpose takes is a constant journey...but it is so worth the effort! 


Everything begins to just flow, things fall into place, you are aware of constantly receiving guidance and messages and abundance comes to are fully present experiencing your life.  The difficult situations become easier, you find more time to do the things that have meaning for you.  You are aware that every single moment is a new chance to start over.  You learn to let go of resistance and go within to find a place of allows new ways of being to come into your gain control back of your life! 


Sure, things happen in our lives from time to time that rock our very foundation and sanity, but you will be able to bounce back quicker when you have the right tools, technique and mindset and if you know how to go within...


During this retreat, you will also be practising meditation and relaxation...going within and experiencing silence...which will expand your awareness and allow understanding on a deeper level.  It connects you to what really matters.  With a mind of noise, chatter and distractions, how can you appreciate the simplicity and perfection of a single breath or a single heartbeat?  Welcome the silence and allow it to speak to your heart.  You are not your mind...we have forgotten how to just be...we have forgotten how to play and have fun.


I imagine a world where we genuinely care about each other and we work on ourselves and together, to bring about change on a conscious level for everyone...this is what I'm hoping to achieve through these retreats  ~  Tracey

An afternoon of connecting with like-minded women.  You will leave feeling rejuvenated, peaceful, and happy, with a new perspective and outlook on your life!

Places are limited to ensure a unique wellbeing experience, so please contact Tracey on 0413 211 453 to secure your place.

Private One on One Workshops

(2 hours for just you - $320.00)

To assist you on the journey of becoming the best version of yourself!

Giving you the time and space to work through and explore wherever you are at in this moment in your life...maybe you are feeling stuck and can't move forward, putting things off, perhaps you are dealing with life choices and direction, grief, loss, relationship issues, health problems.

Maybe you need some time out of your life to retreat from the world and to find balance and motivation again. Using all my abilities and skills to create a retreat..a sanctuary.... where you can feel safe and supported to be yourself..I will work with you to create the life you only imagined.

Your life is important and you one else can live this life like you can and during these sessions, we will discover your passions and strengths and find purpose and meaning in your life and give you the tools to make the changes you need.

I will never judge you. I know what it feels like to feel it's all just too much, but you can go on...if you need time off, make the time.

Your life is important!

For further information, please contact Tracey on 0413 211 453 or by email to discuss your individual needs.

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