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And you find it softly whispering at you during waking hours, and entering your dreams at night and filling your heart, then follow that dream, no matter how small or gigantic!  Our dreams are there for a reason.  To help expand our awareness and to change our lives to awesome.  To touch the world...whether it helps 1 person or millions, it doesn't matter.  What matters is that in the loudness of your life, you managed to hear a gentle whisper and surely that is worth pursing?  Make it real by writing it down, talk it out loud, honour it and bring it into reality.  The world needs more people to follow their dreams, so learn what you need to, get advice and then take action.  Find people who believe in you and if you want to follow your dreams and live a life of extraordinary, you need to trust these dreams have come to you for a reason because you were brave enough to listen xx

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